13 Food You Should Be Giving Your Dog!

01. Apples

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An apple is just a very crunchy snack for your little pet, make sure you don’t let them swallow seeds.


02. Eggs

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You train too much with your Dog? Then next time carry a little treat box with you and give that little pup, boiled eggs to eat. He sure is going to love it. It would act as a good protein booster!


03. Chicken

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A very good source of protein. Boil the chicken and keep it unseasoned only. Your pet would absolutely love chicken! Serve and see how quickly your Dog disappears it!


04. Cottage Cheese

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A very good source for calcium and protein, so do include in your dogs diet. But be careful about dairy products, not all dogs are used to it.


05. Peanut Butter

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Wow. Who doesn’t love that? Even your dog does! Make sure that it is unsalted and then you give one or two tablespoons of it to your companion. And there you have it, your friend wanting more!


06. Salmon

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Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and your dogs coat is shinier than before! Just slip two salmons in the food bowl, and they love it.


07. Yogurt

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It is a very rich source of calcium and protein, just don’t pickup ones that are artificially flavoured. It will help you cure your dog if suffers from any digestion problems. Frozen yogurt is the best summer treat you can give your dog.

08. Oatmeal

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Just cook it plain and give your dog without adding any flavour or milk. It has soluble fiber that works best if your dog has bowel irregularites. This also works best for dogs who have wheat allergy.


09. Broccoli

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A vitamin rich veggie, can be a great source in your dogs food plan. Just make sure it should only be 1/4th of dog’s food. If given more, it may cause gastrointestinal problems.


10. Pumpkin

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A very good source of Vitamin A, Beta Carotene and Fibre, and fibre is very essential in a dog’s diet. Helps manage good digestion. You can serve either raw or cooked pumpkin.


11. Green Beans

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Green Beans consists Manganese, Fibre, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Your dog would like it frozen. If buying canned, then it should not consist any salt.


12. Carrots

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Munching carrots is very good for dogs teeth. Wow. Teeth! That’s very essential! You know on whom you should leave your dog now!


13. Sweet Potatoes

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Lastly, another good dietary source for your dog. Very good in keeping your dog hydrated!


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