13 Misconceptions About Indians!

01. Climate is Not Always Hot!

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First of all, let me tell you foreigners, India just doesn’t only have hot climate every time! We have many beautiful hill stations that even you can’t forget! And we too experience snowfall in the north!


02. We All Don’t Live In Villages!

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Not every Indian lives in huts and villages! We too have towers and beautiful architecture in our country. Hope you know the world’s most beautiful monument is in our country!


03. We All Don’t Drink Tea!

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Not all Indians drink tea at home every morning. Though we love drinking tea from a tea stall known as ‘tapri’ in our slang language. We also are aware of cappuccino’s, smoothies, mock-tails, cocktails etc,.Okay?


04. We Don’t Just Cook Spicy Food!

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Please. India is known to have number of cuisines, from spicy to sweet! You name it, you have it! Every state has different cuisine. And we just don’t serve ‘spicy food’ everywhere. And it is a fact; If you eat spicy food you won’t die early.


05. Not All Of Us Are Vegetarian!

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Not all of us are vegetarians. We crave for non-veg cuisines too, and India is known to have too many places that serves mouth watering non-veg dishes. And even you couldn’t stop yourself from eating it next time.


06. Every Indian Is Not Hindu!

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Though the majority of people living in India is of Hindus, that doesn’t mean all Indians are Hindus! There are many more castes living here together in a community and are happy.


07. We All Don’t Dance & Sing!

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India is known for its classical dances and classical singing, but not all of us can do it. We also are aware about different genres! We Indians do have people who know Contemporary to Hip-Hop to Jive or Salsa! And we just don’t stick to playing Harmonium, we also have awesome well known Musicians!


08. Not All Of Us Know To Do Yoga!

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Yes, India is known for yoga that doesn’t mean we all can do it. Yes, Not all Indians know how to perform yoga. Mostly people here find it easy to jump in a gym!


09. Not All Of Us Have Dark Complexion!

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We are all not dark or tan skinned! Okay? We have a wheatish complexion, which is not dark. And if you know, nowadays Indian complexion is what most people demand!


10. We All Don’t Wear Sari!

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Not all Indian females wear sari! Please! Most of the teenage girls now doesn’t even know how to drape a sari! That is only for occasions. We do wear and love western outfits.


11. There Is No Language Called Indian!

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India is known to have 122 officially known languages. India lost almost 220 languages in the last 50 years! In India not everyone can speak Hindi! You may visit South India and notice it yourself, they would rather understand only English and their local language. And we can speak awesome English!


12. We Are Not All Poor!

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We all are not poor neither all of us are beggars. Most of the Indians possess good jobs and skills and live in a good house.


13. We Do Not Keep Wobbling Our Head!

Try it out yourself! How dumb will it look especially when someone is asking you questions? Will you just keep shaking your head for no reasons? Obviously, even we would not! So ask your questions precisely and we do not wobble our head!


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