5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Unverified Cosmetics Online!


 We Women love shopping, don’t we? Whether online or the mall, its definitely an adventure flipping through stores and pushing through styles and trends. But when it comes to buying products that pamper your body, face or hair, unless verified from popular shopping sites, you should refrain from buying them, especially cosmetics sold online.


1) Chances of the product being Fake
Cosmetics or other skin products, even perfumes and hair products purchased online have 90% chances of being totally fake unless bought from a verified site or the original brand site. Keep away from such products and refrain from buying them. Instead save up a little extra and buy them at the mall. You’ll swipe few extra dollars but you’ll end up saving the life of your Skin.

2) A Mixture of Real and Fake
Beauty Products sold online at times are totally fake or are a mixture of real and fake. Third party online dealers take little portions from the original bottle and mix it with a similar cheap portion. The customer buying it hardly notices any difference between the real product and the fake one.
Pro tip: Use a little on an area of your skin which isn’t sensitive. The result will tell you if the product is real or fake and you can register a complain and report the seller then. 

3) Unusually Discounted at a very low rate
At times, products are sold online at unusual discounted rate. For example, a Chanel lipstick cant be sold at 1000 INR when its actually costing 3000.INR, unless there”s a special sale going on. But such brands refrain from keeping too much discount as it affects the high value of the brand. Using such products causes lips to blacken, skin to darken and sometimes the damage is irreparable. Some people want to fit in with the higher class so i guess at times they don’t bother to look twice whether the product is real or fake.


4) Expired Products
                 Beauty products sold online most of the time have already reached the expiry date which means it ain’t gonna do you good or make you look any prettier than you are. Instead, it’s gonna tun it from good to bad or bad to worse.


5) Dumped but brought to a condition to convince you
                  Most of the times cosmetics sold online are picked up from Dumpsters! (Yeah you read that right……. “DUMPSTERS” !!), refined, filled up and made to look all shiny and new. How disgusting that is, oh but i guess sometimes you wont really notice any difference and that’s why these third part sites should be banned. 

PRO TIP:  Check for the spelling of brand names, look for the trademark logo, observe the language of instructions, check the original price online, look at the picture displayed on the box, etc 

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