22 Mouthwatering Maharashtrian Dishes We Absolutely Love!

The tempting Maharashtrian dishes that are a must try if you visit this place! The ascending order begins:

01. Aluvadi

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Aluvadi is made from colocasia leaves, which are first steamed, dipped in gram flour and fried! This is definitely a must and you would probably love it!
Want to try it out yourself? Recipe.


02. Aamti

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Amti is basically a plain soup kind of gravy that is very spicy, and it’s something you would only get in Maharashtra!
Wanna try how to make? Recipe.


03. Basundi

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This lip smacking sweet dish is heaven! Taste it and you will find yourself wanting for more!
Want to know how to make it? Recipe.


04. Bhakarwadi

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Wow. This snack will replace your daily artificial snacks that you keep munching! And you would find this in every Maharashtrian house!
Make it yourself at home and enjoy! Recipe.


05. Bharli Vangi

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Bharli Vangi means stuffed eggplants. If you are lucky enough to find good restaurants that serve this just like its made at home, then way to go!
Or else make it yourself! Recipe.


06. Chakli

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Another tasty snack which is native to Maharashtra and also Gujarat. You may get many variations in the taste and flavours.
You can try making at home, and it’s easy! Recipe.


07. Kothimbir Vadi

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Also known as coriander fritters. Awesome! It’s just bit better than the pakoras you eat!
Try this simple and easy dish! Recipe.


08. Misal Pav

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Hope you remember that this Maharashtrian snack won the title of ‘The Tastiest Vegetarian Snack’ in London. And if  you are a mumbaikar you would know where to head for it! Place.
Want to make it yourself? Recipe.


09. Modak

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It is something that is made at every Maharashtrian home, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. It can be steamed or also fried and can be in many flavours too! Yumm!
Want to make it yourself? Recipe.


10. Pithale

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It’s a yumm side dish that is just so tasty, you can’t be without trying! It was famous in rural part of Maharashtra, but the urban side loves it too!
Or try to make yourself! Recipe.


11. Pav Bhaji

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Wow. Another yumm! Pav bhaji and your mouth starts watering!
Make it yourself! Recipe.


12. Poha

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You want to impress a Maharashtrian? Make them poha in breakfast and you win! This is their daily breakfast and the easiest to make!
Try making yourself someday! Recipe.


13. Puran Poli

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Made in every Maharashtrian home on the occasion of Diwali, is a sweet ‘roti’ is made out of jaggery and split peas.
Make yourself someday! Recipe.

14. Rassa

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The white one being ‘Pandhara Rassa‘ and the red one being ‘Tambada Rassa‘. It is famous in Kolhapur city, they are known for their spicy mutton dishes!
Want to make yourself? Recipe.


15. Sabudana Khichdi

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It is made by every hindu mother when they have kept a fast! Tasty and awesome dish, which is a definite try!
Make it yourself too, and you will love it! Recipe.


16. Sabudana Vada

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It’s a mouthwatering snack! And I can’t describe more! Just don’t forget to taste it!
Why not make yourself someday? Recipe.


17. Shankarparli

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A sweet and savouring Maharashtrian snack! Made especially in Diwali by every mother!
Try making yourself too! Recipe.


18. Solkadhi

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It’s a curry made out of kokum and one can drink it or also have it alongside rice.
Make it yourself! Recipe.


19. Shrikhand

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Another sweet dish that is too tasty  to resist! One may find it in many flavours, but the famous one is mango flavoured one.
Want to know how it is made? Recipe.


20. Thalipeeth

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It is a traditional flat bread of Maharashtrians especially had in breakfast.
Why don’t you make it for your breakfast someday? Recipe.


21. Tilgul

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Tilgul or til ladoos are must in every Maharashtrian home. It is made during Makar Sankranti.
Treat yourself with these awesome laddoos! Recipe.


22. Vada Pav

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Last but not the least, and the most important of all, is Vada Pav. You can miss anything in the state but not at all leaving the state without eating Vada Pav.
Want to know how this awesome snack is made? Recipe.

08 Oldest Irani Joints In Mumbai You Must Eat At!

The list of oldest Irani joints in the city according to their year:


01. Kyani & Company

It was established in the year 1904, is the oldest Irani joint in the city. It resides opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines.

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  • One can still spot those checkered table cloth’s, wooden chairs and probably many senior citizens. It’s always full! They have separate section for families.
  • Most frequent order being ‘Bun-Maska & Elaichi-Laden Chai‘ which this place is famous for.
  • Another must try is ‘Masoor Dal‘, ‘Sweet Lassi‘ and ‘Chicken Biryani‘.
  • Did you forget the famous ‘Shrew Berry Biscuits’? Parcel it!
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 300/-


02. Sassanian Boulangerie

It was established in the year 1913 by K.R.Sassanian who was a high class baker and caterer during the time. This place resides at 98, Marine View, Dhobi Talao, Marine Lines. 

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  • The famous of all being ‘Mutton Cutlets‘, ‘Khari Biscuits‘ &’Plum Cakes‘, which will leave you asking for more.
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 300/-


03. B. Merwan & Company

Boman Merwan and Company was established in the year 1913. It resides at Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opposite Grant Road East Station. 

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  • Opens up at literally 05:30 am and most of the cakes get over by 11:00 am.
  • The famous being the ‘Mawa Cakes‘, ‘Mawa Samosas‘ & ‘Walnut Cakes‘.
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 200/-


04. Britannia & Company

It was established in the year 1923. It resides at 11 Sprott Road, Ballard Estate, Opposite New Customs House, Fort.

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  • Starts at 12:00 pm and only upto 04:00 pm! So better make it quick!
  • Known especially for its ‘Berry Pulao‘ in which the sweet & sour berries are exported all the way from Iran.
  • Beware that you don’t have a fight with the management!
  • Cost for two is Rs. 500/-


05. Koolar & Company

It was established in the year 1932 and resides at 541, Noor Mahal, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Kings Circle, Matunga.

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  • A great place for tea time snacks.
  • Very hungry? You should try ‘The Wrestler Omelette‘ & ‘Black Tea
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 200/-


06. Cafe Military

Established in the year 1952. Cafe Millitary resides at Ali Chamber, Tamarind Lane, Fort. 

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  • This cafe will highlight typical Irani decor that is walls covered by mirrors.
  • Must try are ‘Kheema‘, ‘Akuri‘ and ‘Caramel Custard‘.
  • Cost for two is Rs. 200/-


07. Yazdani Bakery

This bakery was established in the year 1955 and it resides at Fountain Akbar Ally, Saint Thomas Cathedral, Cawasji Patel Street, Fort.

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  • The owner of this bakery is Rashid Zend.
  • Do come here to parcel ‘Multigrain Bread‘.
  • Their famous being ‘Apple Pie‘, ‘Ginger & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies‘ and ‘Twisted Khari‘.
  • Th cost for two is Rs. 150/-


08. Ideal Corner

Ideal Corner was established in 1985 and it resides at 12 F/G, Hornby View, Gunbow Street, Fort.

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  • It remains close only on Mondays. And remains open on rest of the days from 09:00 am till 04:30 pm.
  • The menu changes every day. But the snacks remain constant!
  • The famous being ‘Chicken Brabourne‘ that they cook in Beer. Be sure to try!
  • Cost for two is Rs. 300/-


If you are a Mumbaikar, surely you must know atleast three of them!

The Famous Maggi Joints In Your City!

Lets start from the south!

01. Alwarpet, Chennai:

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The Royal Sandwich Stall in Chennai is a popular joint that serves a must have ‘Cheese Maggi Sandwich‘. It’s famous among the college crowd. And expensive, comparatively to other joints around.

02. Kumarswamy Layout, Bangalore:

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Tree Shade is the place you would be heading out to and your order would be ‘Chicken Maggi‘. This place is also renowned among Dayanand Sagar College students.

03. Malad, Mumbai:

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One may get delicious Omelette Maggi at Qutuz Irani Cafe in Malad. Especially for night lovers. You probably can’t miss if you stay in Malad.

04. Powai, Mumbai:

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Don’t tell me you don’t know Hungry Head’s? That is besides Powai Plaza. These people will make your Maggi in whichever style you would like.

05. Law College Road, Pune:

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You get double Cheese Maggi and Double Masala Cheese Maggi at Good Food’s. Most popularly known as ‘Maggi Joint‘ along Law College road.

06. Manik Bagh Road, Indore:

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FOI’s whole menu consists of different types of Maggi and there are also pizza’s that contain Maggi. Woah! Must try for sure! Sounds challenging!

07. GTB Nagar, New Delhi:

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The popular Tom Uncle’s Maggi Joint which is mostly visited by Khalsa College and Delhi University students.

08. Vasant Kunj, New Delhi:

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The Terminus Cafe in Ambience Mall, New Delhi serves a ‘Dal Makhani Maggi‘ for 250 bucks! Which has to be the costliest above all!

09. Moti Bagh, New Delhi:

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The Kev’s serves a Punjabi Tadka Maggi‘ and one of the famous milkshake that is a must try is ‘Butterscotch‘.


10. Mussoorie Road:

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Just a chilly drive through Dehradun-Mussoorie and its narrow roads lead you to Shiv Mandir, and after that you may halt and see many Maggi joints. Out of which the most famous one being ‘Soupy Maggi‘.

14 Trippy Places In India!

01. Tosh, Himachal Pradesh.

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The first thing one can notice as they trek towards tosh or travel via cab is the fragrance of ‘weed‘. One can see end number of unorganized plantation of marijuana on the way. One can find this small town very cheap to stay. Everyday there are parties which goes on too late, and one can’t just get enough of hippies and rolling joints together.


02. McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh.

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A place close to Dharamshala, and another spot for only hippies! You would only enjoy once you decide to head up north and trek towards the steep slopes and narrow lanes. You may find Israeli and Continental cuisines everywhere. Do not forget to dine at Unity Cafe which is in Bhagsu, and you may also get local weed easily or just ask someone to share!


03. Malana, Himachal Pradesh.

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Everyone is aware about the capital of trippy places of India. Yes, it is Malana village. They are very strict about letting tourist in their village, so behave well and don’t touch anything! Who doesn’t know about Malana Creme? And Malana Gold? It’s the reason for basic income of the Malanis. The whole world knows it! One can trek and reach this place easily!


04. Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.

Image Sources

Did we forget the little Israel among India? Yeap, it is Kasol. The very remote destination of moon light rave parties and smoking joints. Make sure you are also a hippy and visit the place, or else there is no use of yours in Kasol.


05. Old Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

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Indian Manali Cream or Charas can be found anywhere and everywhere. On the end of mall road, there is one ‘Dhaba‘ where you ask the man about charas, he’ll provide you with it. What’s more easy? And other place where you can find it is, traveling on the way towards Hidimba Temple, one can see ‘Rohit Dhaba‘ where you would easily get!


06. Pushkar, Rajasthan.

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The funny fact about this holy city is that you may easily get hash but not alcohol. One can find ‘Magic Lassi‘ which is a buttermilk drink consisting of ‘Bhang‘, the legal cannabis in India. You may also find many shopkeepers selling ‘hashish‘ but not weed. One can travel via Ajmer as there is no direct train or bus available.


07. Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat.

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Heard of sweet cannabis right? So just roll one and lay on this ground and start tripping on the sky above!


08. Palolem, Goa.

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Goa is full of good vibes! But if you are in search of some soft and nice hash, you definitely have to visit this place and you don’t get the same at other places! You may look for ‘Internet Cafes‘ around Cuba Bar who sell it. It’s easily affordable.


09. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh.

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Just imagine, if you could go so speechless by seeing such a beauty, how speechless can you go on its cannabis? It’s worth a try!


10. Alleppey, Kerala.

Image Source

It’s Kerala and you do not know about ‘Datura‘? Are you kidding yourself? You probably are! Take in limit because the trip could get ugly!


11. Varkala, Kerala.

Image Source

You may only find weed or cannabis in top bars and clubs, don’t expect to get it anywhere else and get yourself in trouble! Enjoy the Swedish food you will find here.


12. Hampi, Tamil Nadu.

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You will find pleasant weed being sold here by local shopkeepers. In the night you would see the locality you are residing at so calm and quiet because people there are so stoned that they could hardly talk to anyone.


13. Auroville, Tamil Nadu.

Image Source

It’s a vegan place, so that also includes weed, so learn to adjust yourself in the surrounding. People here believe in living with total peace with each other. It’s normal if you see few hippies stoned and playing guitar in evening. Just join them.


14. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.

Image Source

Forgotten ‘magic mushrooms‘? How can you? You might get it easily! But, let me warn you it would only provide a mellow trip, so don’t expect something harsh! You have to consume it, on an empty stomach, so early morning is the best time. Start with small quantity and gradually increase.

The Festivities Ladakh Has To Offer!

01. Yargon Tungshak Festival:

It takes place in Numbra and is celebrated on 12th and 13th February.

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02. Matho Nagrang Festival:

It is celebrated in Matho Monastery on the 21st and 22nd of February, which is the 15th day of the first month according to Tibetan Calendar.

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03. Saka Dawa Festival:

It is celebrated on the full moon day of 4th month of the year according to Tibetan Calendar. It marks the birth of Buddha. It is celebrated on 20th May.

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04. Yuru Kabgyat Festival: 

It is celebrated in Lamayuru Monastery on 1st and 2nd of July. The festival represents and spreads peace. The place is 125 kms away from Leh.

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05. Hemis Festival:

Celebrated in the Hemis monastery on the 14th and 15th of July. It is the largest and richest Buddhist monastery and that is why it is so well known. The festival marks the birth of Padmasambhava, who was known to be the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.

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06. Stongday Gustor Festival:

Stongday Monastery celebrates this festival on the 28th and 29th of the 11th month of the year according to Tibetan Calendar. And it falls on 22nd and 23rd of July. Sacred dances is said to be performed by Buddhist monks on this auspicious day.

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07. Kausha Gustor Festival: 

Celebrated in Kaushar Gustor monastery on the 31st of July and 1st of August. During this time, it actually hosts home to 100 Lamas. The monastery is situated on the slopes of Zanskar Mountain.

Image Source

08. Thiksey Gustor Festival:

The festival takes place on the last two days of October and is hosted by various monasteries including Thiksey, Spituk, and Karsha Zanskar. Early morning prayers are necessary and is a part of the ritual. The festival is believed to represent the win of good over bad.

Image Source

09. Chemday Wangchok Festival: 

It takes places in Chemday Wangchok monastery on 9th and 10th of November.

Image Source

10. Galdan Namchot Festival:

It is celebrated all over Ladakh on 5th of December. The day marks the birth of Tibetan saint and scholar Tsongkhapa. The day represents the start of celebrations for new year. One can see all public places been lit up on this day. On this day people present each other with ‘Khatak’ which is a ceremonial scarf.

Image Source

11. Losar Festival:

Celebrated on 12th of December for the anniversary of Tsongkhapa who started a Tibetan Buddhist preaching school called Golukpa.

Image Source

Have You Heard About Kasol?

Kasol is a small village situated in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh between the town Bhuntar and Manikaran. It lies 42 km towards the east of Kullu district. This place will always have a pleasant weather, but the best time to visit is from March to May.

Parvati River: 

Parvati River or Parvati Valley is at a walk able distance from Kasol village. One can actually see a bridge joining two mountains which divides the way towards Kasol & Manikaran which are actual tourists spots and major attraction. Where as if you cross the bridge and go towards the mountain that lies at your left, you may end up finding some remote places and definitely have to find your way back. So, stick to your right only!

You may also find river rafting done here. You may also meet groups that are too busy in smoking up, as the place is too peaceful and calm.

Image Source

Manikaran Sahib:

How can we Indians be without having any religious spots around? Can we? Obviously not! You may see many North Indian families around who come to visit this holy place. Its a pilgrimage center for the Hindu’s And Sikh’s. It’s located on the banks of Parvati Valley. And one on their way towards Kasol can find this place on their left. 

Image Source

Kasol Market:

Yes, the market is also nearby. Kasol is so small that you could actually cover anything around by just walking. You don’t have to worry about your vehicle. You will find from all the smoke-up accessories to the local attires here. You may really get whatever you need.

Image Source


Why you think Kasol is so famous for? First, that it is so calm and always has a pleasing environment. Second, in that chilly and cozy weather you have actual rave parties in the middle of Kasol forest? There are actual rave concerts happening. There are even social gatherings to keep you active. It is actually like ‘Northern Goa’.

Image Source


You knew that Kasol is also known as  another Israel? Yes, that is the reason it is so famous for, obviously after its beauty. That is why you may spot too many Israeli’s and other foreigner’s too. There is also a cafe called ‘Israeli Cafe’ which has amazing Israeli food listed on its menu. And you seriously need to try it.


Youth Hostel’s Association Of India is a base camp situated in Kasol. It looks after travelling in India or Overseas. The adventures can be up to anything. It can be in any mountainous regions, desserts, caves  or forests etc. They work for satisfying their participants and make them feel that they are actually ‘Back To Nature’.

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Things You Need To Know About: LA TOMATINA

1. Where & When:

It is celebrated in a small village called Bunol in Valencia, Spain. It is held every year in the month of August on last Wednesday.

Image Source

2. How Does It Start: 

A Ham is hung on a greasy pole, and as the first hooter goes, the ham is supposed to be taken down and the fight starts. And as soon after an hour the second hooter goes, the fight has to stop and not even one tomato can be thrown.

Image Source

3. Largest Food Fight: 

Yes, it is the largest food fight festival known till date.

Image Source

4. Originated: 

It started in 1944 and 1945 due to a street brawl, wherein people started throwing vegetables at each other. And then it is celebrated just for fun. The festival starts exactly at 10 am.

5. Tomatoes: 

It is estimated that over 150,000 tomatoes are used in this food fight festival. The cheap and low quality tomatoes are bought from Extremadura. 

Image Source

6. How Many People: 

The village has a population of 9000 people and before 2012 the place was estimated to have 40000 to 50000 visitors to this festival. Since 2013, the festival got restricted to only have 20,000 lucky people who would have the tickets.

Image Source

7. Cleaning Streets: 

After the fight, Fire Fighters clean the streets. And fortunately, the tomatoes make the street more clean.

Image Source

7 Hill Stations In Maharashtra : A Must Visit

Rainy season and who doesn’t feel like visiting hill stations? With or without family? With or without friends? Traveling is traveling. You will enjoy with or without company, if you know how to.

Following are the hill stations which is must to visit in the state during lovely climatic conditions :


1. Matheran :


Shall be visited between October to May. Best way to travel is by Neral-Matheran train or by car (108kms). Enjoy the toy train, view of Charlotte Lake, and collect souvenirs from markets that you come across.


2. Panchgani :


Best time to visit is from the month of September to May. Old British and Parsi homes could be visited if you get permission. Or else a weekend could be spent amidst of hills. You can visit the famous strawberry farms around.


3. Mahabaleshwar :


Mount Malcolm, Mahabaleshwar Club, Pratapgarh Fort, Temples and many number of Points and Waterfalls could be visited. The best time to visit is from October to June. Don’t forget Mapro Garden and Strawberry Cream ^_^


4. Chikhaldara :


The place mentioned in Mahabharata, and the only coffee growing area in the State. Narnala Fort, Gavilgad Fort, Nehru Botanical Gardens, Tribal Museum, Semodah Lake are must visit. Serene beauty could be enjoyed from many points like Hurricane, Devi, Prospect etc,. Shall be visited from October to June.


5. Toranmal :


510 kms from Mumbai, nearest airport is Aurangabad. When one needs to revive olden days, this is a spot one can gaze around. Old temples or lakes could be visited.


6. Panhala :


This place will inspire you with its serene beauty and climate. Revive the ‘Shivaji Rule’ while you visit the fort. Nearest airport is Kolhapur, and the place is just 20kms away. By road it is 430kms from Mumbai.


7. Bhandardara :


If you are a nature lover, this spot is must to stop by. It is located in Ahmednagar district. Wilson Dam, Ratangarh Fort, Arthur Lake and Amriteshwar is a major tourist attraction.

Did You See Enough Of Uttarakhand?

Uttarakhand often referred as ‘Land of Gods’ because of many temples and pilgrimage sites built in the state. As it is situated in the North of India but obviously it is going to have beautiful and breath taking views. Be it whether you visit it in the summer, monsoons or winter. Every season has its own essence and probably you won’t regret it.

The famous and must visit hill stations are as follows :

1. Kausani:


Best time is monsoon if you want to be covered in greenery or else it just snows from December to February.


2. Nainital:


The famous place to see is Naini Lake, from where the hill station derives its name. Also visit Bhim Tal Lake &  Nainital Zoo. Be sure to visit in Monsoon or Winter.


3. Mussoorie:


You see the image that is what happens if you visit this place during December to February. Snow will cover you from all sides. Better if you visit from March to June or September to November. Don’t try to even go during rainy season, you’ll experience downpour like anything!


4. Lansdowne:


One of the most recommended hill station. Away from crowd, meaning very calm, soothing and clean place. Can be visited anytime. Good place for trekking, bird watching, boating etc,.


5. Ranikhet:


Best time is to visit in the monsoons or winter if you want to avoid way too sunny weather. Many markets are nearby for shopping and collecting souvenirs. It’s a military area, so behave well!

A Week In GOA !

Self Experienced Trip Of Goa..

Please don’t visit with family unless they too are like you. Better if you visit just with friends or close one’s.

How and from where exactly are you suppose to start from?

1. Book Your Tickets Straight Away :

If you’re travelling for the first time, you probably should go by train, 10 hours approximately with your loved ones. You people are going to love it. Just get going, chill out and observe. If it’s summer time please not to waste your time in train, get a damn flight and move your bags.

2. The Staying Part : 

Where exactly shall you stay? Probably near beach. If you are looking for a little offside place then I may suggest you to stay at ANJUNA, CURLIES nearby for good food and music or a market near by place like BAGA. Must stay is ESTRELA DO MAR (Wooden Beach Houses) Or BAGA BEACH RESORT.

3. What You Are Not Suppose To Miss : 

Shiva Valley (Anjuna Beach)- Fond of rave music? Friendly crowd? This is your place then. Don’t dare to miss it. Every happy hippie attends and it goes on till five in the morning, if you’re going to be there till the end, make sure you also see the sunrise and then only make your way back to hotel. You may see many stalls there which the local ladies handle for quick snacks. (Do try Maggi there, trust me, it tastes good when you’re drunk head)



Sunset Drums (Arambol Beach)- 40 minutes bike ride if you are staying at the places I mentioned. Do not miss the drums at all. If you reach there early, wait for a while till the sun sets in and people gather around. 



Earthen Oven Restaurant (Candolim)- A perfect dinner date is must when you visit this city. And this is what you should make your way through and they serve North Indian Cuisine. The surrounding is calm and blissful. The staff is good and so their yummy fooood. Almost tried everything on their menu 😀



Sinquerim Fort (Aguada)- This fort looks more beautiful during sunset. Instead of sitting on that circle thing where mostly people sit, walk further ahead where you don’t see much crowd. (Please carry some snacks along). If you’re rich enough you can stay at The Taj Vivanta which is at walking distance from the place.



Calangute Beach- This beach is the largest in North of Goa. And you’ll probably see most of the tourist staying nearby to this beach as it is famous for water sports.


Churches- Goa is home to many and the most famous churches of India. It has its own fragrance preserved till yet. Some famous ones are:

Se Cathedral’s (The largest in Asia) :



Bom Jesus Basilica : 


Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception : 


Lastly, other options and to do things would be added when I visit Goa again and make wonderful memories ^_^