Why Indians Are Proud Of This Fruit?

Yes, we Indians are very proud that our country grows Mango, a fruit that one just can’t resist. Mango trees were grown even 5000 years ago and the legend has it that Gautam Buddha meditated under this cool, huge and shady tree.

The fruit grows in Eastern India, Burma and also Andaman Islands. It is the national fruit of India, Pakistan and Philippines.  A Mango tree can grow tall as 35-40 m and live up to more than 300 years.

And how can we not be more proud? After all, half of the world’s mangoes are grown in India only. And in India, sharing a basket full of mangoes with any relatives or neighbors is a sign of ‘friendship’. The most popular and the most tasty variety is ‘Alphonso’.

A cup full of mango serves 100 calories. A ripe Mango consists more of Vitamin A and unripe Mango more of Vitamin C. One Mango a day fulfills the 100% need of Vitamin C, 35% of Vitamin A and 12% of fiber.

In India, mango leaves are very popular in decorations upon any Hindu


Mango is the only fruit that an Indian can make and use of it in multiple dishes. They make breakfast, lunch and even dinner out of it. Every Indian home will make Chutneys, dips, juices, sweets, etc,. In North India, Aamras is the most loved breakfast and in South India, Mango Lassi is had after every meal.

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