8 Things all Girls do on their First Dates


‘Mmmmm……… I can feel the rush of excitement and intimidation’, says every Girl to herself on her first date. Whether in conscious or not, every girl cooks up stories or tricks to avoid embarrassment or to create an impression in front of her crush on her first date. Here are 9 things that I’ve listed below.

1) “PLEASE EXCUSE ME! I’ve gotta use the bathroom!
A very common excuse every girl gives just to recheck her makeup and hair on her first date. Nervous and blank, this excuse works very well for every girl on her first date. Not done it yet? Try it.


2) “No thanks, I’m full”
No matter how hungry she is, she still says, “No thanks, I’m Full”. Maybe the scent of his presence just stopped her from eating or the nervousness did.


3) The Sneak-Peek Moments!
‘Get a quick look at him when he’s not looking’, that’s right girls.That’s what every girl does on her first date. It’s her curious nature that gives way to the sneak-peek moment.


4) Family and Career talk to omit awkward Topics
There is an interview session on every girl’s first date, where she asks him about his entire bio data except his past relationships, cause then she would have to answer them too. And she certainly doesn’t want to reach the ‘What’s your number?’ part, wherein he asks her how many men she’s been with.


5) The Phone Check Excuse
A good excuse to think about what to say next while looking in her phone. Every girl pretends she’s receiving unavoidable texts which she has to reply to or something related to work on her first date.


6) The Freeze Moment
Stuttering or stammering for words…….. it happens to every girl on her first date when she has no reply for a certain question and just stares into blank space like an idiot. That’s a good start to even pretend to feel sick and switch to a next topic.


7) The Theater Drama
Not sure which movie she’s watching and forgets the scenes of the movie but definitely remembers every move he made during the entire movie. It’s dark and he doesn’t know but she’s watching him from the corner of her eye.


8) Observing and Analysing
Criticizing, judging, checking out, she’s doing it all at once without even him noticing. You’ve not done it yet? Try it, what’s gonna happen anyways by sincerely responding to what he’s saying or just looking around your date venue….. right girls?

7 Signs Indicating That You Are Going Through Stress!




Stress’, now that’s a tough phase that all human beings go through in different phases in life. I have listed 10 signs pointing towards a certainty of one going through stress.


Losing your cool for even the tiniest problem? that’s the first sign indicating that you are going through Stress.



Raising your voice, picking up a fight, feeling of low self esteem all show signs of frustration and stress.



‘Anxiety’ the feeling where in everything you see or perceive is threat to you pointing towards an indication that you are stressed.



When one is unable to decide and arrive at a conclusion no matter at his/her workplace or at home that means he/she is stressed.



Unable to decipher from problems and solutions, one creates more problems by playing blame games with their colleagues at workplace or with family members. Blame games are one of the symptoms of losing one’s mental calm showing extreme signs of stress.



Not willing to socialize with friends or family, isolating oneself from the rest. of the group, unusual behavior all point to the factor that the person is stressed.



Insomnia’ is the major symptom of stress. Too many thoughts running through one’s head causes ‘Insomniac’ behavior.

22 Mouthwatering Maharashtrian Dishes We Absolutely Love!

The tempting Maharashtrian dishes that are a must try if you visit this place! The ascending order begins:

01. Aluvadi

Image Source

Aluvadi is made from colocasia leaves, which are first steamed, dipped in gram flour and fried! This is definitely a must and you would probably love it!
Want to try it out yourself? Recipe.


02. Aamti

Image Source

Amti is basically a plain soup kind of gravy that is very spicy, and it’s something you would only get in Maharashtra!
Wanna try how to make? Recipe.


03. Basundi

Image Source

This lip smacking sweet dish is heaven! Taste it and you will find yourself wanting for more!
Want to know how to make it? Recipe.


04. Bhakarwadi

Image Source

Wow. This snack will replace your daily artificial snacks that you keep munching! And you would find this in every Maharashtrian house!
Make it yourself at home and enjoy! Recipe.


05. Bharli Vangi

Image Source

Bharli Vangi means stuffed eggplants. If you are lucky enough to find good restaurants that serve this just like its made at home, then way to go!
Or else make it yourself! Recipe.


06. Chakli

Image Source

Another tasty snack which is native to Maharashtra and also Gujarat. You may get many variations in the taste and flavours.
You can try making at home, and it’s easy! Recipe.


07. Kothimbir Vadi

Image Source

Also known as coriander fritters. Awesome! It’s just bit better than the pakoras you eat!
Try this simple and easy dish! Recipe.


08. Misal Pav

Image Source

Hope you remember that this Maharashtrian snack won the title of ‘The Tastiest Vegetarian Snack’ in London. And if  you are a mumbaikar you would know where to head for it! Place.
Want to make it yourself? Recipe.


09. Modak

Image Source

It is something that is made at every Maharashtrian home, on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. It can be steamed or also fried and can be in many flavours too! Yumm!
Want to make it yourself? Recipe.


10. Pithale

Image Source

It’s a yumm side dish that is just so tasty, you can’t be without trying! It was famous in rural part of Maharashtra, but the urban side loves it too!
Or try to make yourself! Recipe.


11. Pav Bhaji

Image Source

Wow. Another yumm! Pav bhaji and your mouth starts watering!
Make it yourself! Recipe.


12. Poha

Image Source

You want to impress a Maharashtrian? Make them poha in breakfast and you win! This is their daily breakfast and the easiest to make!
Try making yourself someday! Recipe.


13. Puran Poli

Image Source

Made in every Maharashtrian home on the occasion of Diwali, is a sweet ‘roti’ is made out of jaggery and split peas.
Make yourself someday! Recipe.

14. Rassa

Image Source

The white one being ‘Pandhara Rassa‘ and the red one being ‘Tambada Rassa‘. It is famous in Kolhapur city, they are known for their spicy mutton dishes!
Want to make yourself? Recipe.


15. Sabudana Khichdi

Image Source

It is made by every hindu mother when they have kept a fast! Tasty and awesome dish, which is a definite try!
Make it yourself too, and you will love it! Recipe.


16. Sabudana Vada

Image Source

It’s a mouthwatering snack! And I can’t describe more! Just don’t forget to taste it!
Why not make yourself someday? Recipe.


17. Shankarparli

Image Source

A sweet and savouring Maharashtrian snack! Made especially in Diwali by every mother!
Try making yourself too! Recipe.


18. Solkadhi

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It’s a curry made out of kokum and one can drink it or also have it alongside rice.
Make it yourself! Recipe.


19. Shrikhand

Image Source

Another sweet dish that is too tasty  to resist! One may find it in many flavours, but the famous one is mango flavoured one.
Want to know how it is made? Recipe.


20. Thalipeeth

Image Source

It is a traditional flat bread of Maharashtrians especially had in breakfast.
Why don’t you make it for your breakfast someday? Recipe.


21. Tilgul

Image Source

Tilgul or til ladoos are must in every Maharashtrian home. It is made during Makar Sankranti.
Treat yourself with these awesome laddoos! Recipe.


22. Vada Pav

Image Source

Last but not the least, and the most important of all, is Vada Pav. You can miss anything in the state but not at all leaving the state without eating Vada Pav.
Want to know how this awesome snack is made? Recipe.

Your Menstruation Says A Lot About Your Health!

01. Colour Does Matter!

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The colour of the blood indicates the Estrogen level in your body! If it’s dark, it means it’s high and if it’s light coloured then your Estrogen level is very low!

02. Did You Keep A Track Of Frequencies?

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The frequency does matter. If a month you notice a delay in your cycle, be worried it may be due to stress, and your body is overloaded.


03. You Always Have Light Flow?

Image Source

If you always notice a low or less flow, you are suffering from Iron, intake more and the flow will be like before.


04. Did Your Periods Suddenly Stop?

Image Source

If your periods stops suddenly, DO WORRY! You really need to pay at your daily nutrient intake and keeping your body fit and healthy.


05. Did You Bleed Even AFter Your Days?

Image Source

You probably must be on birth control pill, get in touch with your gynae.

06. Too Much Pain In Lower Abdomen?

Image Source

It’s not like you always experience a pain on your days! Nope, it’s not common at all! If you suffer from too much pain in lower abdomen, might be suffering from Endometriosis.

12 Reasons To Start Sleeping Naked!

01. It’s Comfortable To Sleep Naked, Isn’t It?

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Isn’t is comfortable to sleep naked? Without getting messed up in clothes and feeling too tight and uneasy? Don’t you hate this feeling? That’s why you should start sleeping naked to avoid that feeling!


02. It Gives You A Better Boost To Get Ready!

Image Source

When you sleep with your clothes on and you get up feeling too bored of getting fresh, this is one strategy that will help you with that feeling. Sleep naked, so that you get freshen up soon and get ready for the day!


03. Helps You In Developing Relationship!

Image Source

Indeed! If you sleep naked with your partner it would help you in developing a very active sexual life and then you automatically be more happier!


04. It Will Strengthen Your Emotional Bond!

Image Source

Sleeping naked will help improve your emotional bond together. And there’s no doubt in it! You would notice a deep closeness with each other.


05. Why You Have A Bad Mood In Morning?

Image Source

When we sleep, our body produces cortisol but because of clothes the body temperature rises and the regulation of cortisol is disturbed. That is why after we get up in the morning we can experience a rise in temperature that leads to bad mood, junk food cravings and anxiety.


06. It Prevents Ageing!

Image Source

When you sleep naked, the body produces growth hormones and melatonin, which helps you in looking younger and not dull and lazy! It helps in making the process of ageing slow down.


07. You Will Never Experience Insomnia!

Image Source

Sleep naked and you will never be concerned of your dark circles! Whenever you feel insomniac just remove your clothes and count to 100, you will be asleep!


08. Now You Can Be More Slimmer!

Image Source

Want to get rid off that belly fat? Now you have a very good solution! Sleep Naked!


09. You Will Have Much Healthier Skin!

Image Source

Let your skin air out, obviously your skin needs to breathe too! You will experience that goodness in your skin just after few naked sleeps! Haha!


10. No More Skin Diseases!

Image Source

Now you may not at all experience any skin allergies, rashes and itches! Sleeping naked airs out your skin and keeps it more healthy, therefore no skin diseases.


11. Will Save You From Type 2 Diabetes!

Image Source

Yay! Sleeping naked will now save you from this lifelong disease! Also being active all around the day will do more good.


12. Keep Your Sex Organs Active & Healthy!

Image Source

It helps in keeping a man’s testes cooler and helps in improving sperm count. Where as in females, the vagina tends to built up bacteria when worn clothes, and sleeping naked will help prevent it. And you become more active!

17 Saudi Arabia Women Elected For Office!

Total 979 women candidates and 130,637 women voters registered to participate in the election, according to Saudi election officials.

The last Saturday election, elected 17 women to work in public office in Saudi Arabia. Which is truly outstanding! Yes, Saudi Arabia, a male dominant country now sets an example that they are giving women a chance too.

Image Source

Salma al-Oteibi in the Mecca region, Lama al-Suleiman and Rasha Hufaithi in Jeddah, Hanouf al-Hazimi in Al Jouf province, and Sanaa al-Hammam and Masoumah Abdelreda in the Ahsa region were the excellent winners. 

Women were first allowed to vote in the year 2005, according to Human Rights Watch.

The late King Abdullah, who died in January, issued a decree in 2011 ordering that women be allowed to vote in municipal elections and stand as candidates.



Read more about it here.

08 Oldest Irani Joints In Mumbai You Must Eat At!

The list of oldest Irani joints in the city according to their year:


01. Kyani & Company

It was established in the year 1904, is the oldest Irani joint in the city. It resides opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines.

Image Source
  • One can still spot those checkered table cloth’s, wooden chairs and probably many senior citizens. It’s always full! They have separate section for families.
  • Most frequent order being ‘Bun-Maska & Elaichi-Laden Chai‘ which this place is famous for.
  • Another must try is ‘Masoor Dal‘, ‘Sweet Lassi‘ and ‘Chicken Biryani‘.
  • Did you forget the famous ‘Shrew Berry Biscuits’? Parcel it!
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 300/-


02. Sassanian Boulangerie

It was established in the year 1913 by K.R.Sassanian who was a high class baker and caterer during the time. This place resides at 98, Marine View, Dhobi Talao, Marine Lines. 

Image Source
  • The famous of all being ‘Mutton Cutlets‘, ‘Khari Biscuits‘ &’Plum Cakes‘, which will leave you asking for more.
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 300/-


03. B. Merwan & Company

Boman Merwan and Company was established in the year 1913. It resides at Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opposite Grant Road East Station. 

Image Source
  • Opens up at literally 05:30 am and most of the cakes get over by 11:00 am.
  • The famous being the ‘Mawa Cakes‘, ‘Mawa Samosas‘ & ‘Walnut Cakes‘.
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 200/-


04. Britannia & Company

It was established in the year 1923. It resides at 11 Sprott Road, Ballard Estate, Opposite New Customs House, Fort.

Image Source
  • Starts at 12:00 pm and only upto 04:00 pm! So better make it quick!
  • Known especially for its ‘Berry Pulao‘ in which the sweet & sour berries are exported all the way from Iran.
  • Beware that you don’t have a fight with the management!
  • Cost for two is Rs. 500/-


05. Koolar & Company

It was established in the year 1932 and resides at 541, Noor Mahal, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Kings Circle, Matunga.

Image Source
  • A great place for tea time snacks.
  • Very hungry? You should try ‘The Wrestler Omelette‘ & ‘Black Tea
  • Cost for two is just Rs. 200/-


06. Cafe Military

Established in the year 1952. Cafe Millitary resides at Ali Chamber, Tamarind Lane, Fort. 

Image Source
  • This cafe will highlight typical Irani decor that is walls covered by mirrors.
  • Must try are ‘Kheema‘, ‘Akuri‘ and ‘Caramel Custard‘.
  • Cost for two is Rs. 200/-


07. Yazdani Bakery

This bakery was established in the year 1955 and it resides at Fountain Akbar Ally, Saint Thomas Cathedral, Cawasji Patel Street, Fort.

Image Source
  • The owner of this bakery is Rashid Zend.
  • Do come here to parcel ‘Multigrain Bread‘.
  • Their famous being ‘Apple Pie‘, ‘Ginger & Oatmeal Raisin Cookies‘ and ‘Twisted Khari‘.
  • Th cost for two is Rs. 150/-


08. Ideal Corner

Ideal Corner was established in 1985 and it resides at 12 F/G, Hornby View, Gunbow Street, Fort.

Image Source
  • It remains close only on Mondays. And remains open on rest of the days from 09:00 am till 04:30 pm.
  • The menu changes every day. But the snacks remain constant!
  • The famous being ‘Chicken Brabourne‘ that they cook in Beer. Be sure to try!
  • Cost for two is Rs. 300/-


If you are a Mumbaikar, surely you must know atleast three of them!