People Who Were Discovered Dead Years Later!

01. The Mummified Body!

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Barbara Norman, an author who was 70 years old and her mummified body was found in her New Mexico home. After a year, it was found out by her brother in law who once thought to visit her because she didn’t contact him since long. An autopsy revealed she died of natural causes.


02. Young Joyce Lay Dead!

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25th January, 2006, London officials found a 38 year old woman laying dead on her sofa. She died in 2003 and was undiscovered for 3 years.



03. Man Lay Dead In His Flat!

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The body of Simon Alley was discovered dead by house cleaners in Brighton, East Sussex. Eleven days prior the landlords inquired to the neighbors for his rent delay to which they reply ‘a musty smell‘ outside his flat in the hallway is increasing. He rented the house in 1999 and died in December 2010.


04. A Florida Woman Dead!

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In 2013, Geneva Chambers was found dead in her house. When Police investigated neighbors they told that ‘she preferred living in solitude and didn’t talk to anybody so we stopped knocking her door’. She was last seen in a human contact in April 2010, during a transaction.


05. A Man Shot Himself!

David carter, a Nuisance Control Officer in Milwaukee shot himself in head in 2007 and was found on the stairs four years later by an Estate Agent, in a decaying state.


06. The German Found Dead!

An elderly German who lived in Essen was discovered 7 years later after his death. It was found out that he may have aged 59 years when he died, 30th November, 2000.


07. A Man Who Died 15 Years Ago While Sleeping!

In the northern city of Lille, a man found out to be of Spanish origin was born in 1921. And he was found dead after 15 years and he still was wearing pajamas and was on his bed.


08. The Croatian Women!

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Hedviga Golik, born in 1924, and was last seen by neighbors in 1966. She made herself a cup of warm tea and sat on her favorite arm chair and about to watch her favorite program and she died. Neighbors thought she moved out of her flat in Zagreb. She was found dead after 4 decades and everything was still at the same place with only increase in cobwebs.

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