She Stabbed Her Best-friend 65 Times! Ouch!

01. Where Did Friendship Go?

Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez, a 16 year old teen was arrested at her best-friend Anel Baez place for killing her!

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02. Erandy Stabbed Her 65 Times! Yes, 65 Times!

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03. She Stabbed Her For Sharing This ‘Nude Selfie’!

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What was the point in killing her just for a picture? You shouldn’t have clicked it rather, in the first place!

04. ‘It may seem, I am very calm, but I have already killed you three times in my head’- Erandy’s Facebook Status 3 Days Before Killing Her.

She’s been taken as a Juvenile or else she could be prisoner for at least 7 years.

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