The Significance of 6 Types of Looks Your Boyfriend Gives You!

You might have noticed or not, but every look has a different significance which your partner gives you. Here are few that i have listed below.


1) The Serious Look
Hawk-like eyes and stiff lips, oh yeah!, that’s when you know he really means serious business. So, no fooling around when he gives you the serious look.


2) The Disinterested Look
“BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!” yeah, seems as if he’s listening to you but he’s not. This look signals you to change your topic of conversation or stop talking about long gone mistakes and incidents and stop making everything a mountain out of a mole. Disinterested means that you could have even said something he misunderstood.


3) The Look of Doubt
 Make up your mind what you want to say or what you want to omit, cause that curved smile and those confused eyes means he’s not buying what you are saying. Silence and an interrogative look means he’s giving you the look of doubt.


4) The Naughty Look
Your hair, your face, your lips, your body he’s drooling all over it and not listening to what you are saying or allowing to complete whatever task your at. There’s something else going on on his mind and I’m sure you have already guessed it.


5) The Pretentious Look
“Yes hon, I’m listening”, he says. No he isn’t he’s pretending to. Smiling weirdly and fidgeting continuously, he’s giving you the pretentious look.
P.S. Girls, if it’s your first date then know that the guy’s playing on a character he certainly is not and you need to start taking notes.


6) The Guilty Look
Scolding you for something you didn’t do or something that you already apologized or pinning something on you without proof without giving an eye contact means he himself is up to some mischief he doesn’t want you to know about. This doesn’t apply in everybody’s case but I’m sure you girls are smart enough to recognize your guy.