8 Things all Girls do on their First Dates


‘Mmmmm……… I can feel the rush of excitement and intimidation’, says every Girl to herself on her first date. Whether in conscious or not, every girl cooks up stories or tricks to avoid embarrassment or to create an impression in front of her crush on her first date. Here are 9 things that I’ve listed below.

1) “PLEASE EXCUSE ME! I’ve gotta use the bathroom!
A very common excuse every girl gives just to recheck her makeup and hair on her first date. Nervous and blank, this excuse works very well for every girl on her first date. Not done it yet? Try it.


2) “No thanks, I’m full”
No matter how hungry she is, she still says, “No thanks, I’m Full”. Maybe the scent of his presence just stopped her from eating or the nervousness did.


3) The Sneak-Peek Moments!
‘Get a quick look at him when he’s not looking’, that’s right girls.That’s what every girl does on her first date. It’s her curious nature that gives way to the sneak-peek moment.


4) Family and Career talk to omit awkward Topics
There is an interview session on every girl’s first date, where she asks him about his entire bio data except his past relationships, cause then she would have to answer them too. And she certainly doesn’t want to reach the ‘What’s your number?’ part, wherein he asks her how many men she’s been with.


5) The Phone Check Excuse
A good excuse to think about what to say next while looking in her phone. Every girl pretends she’s receiving unavoidable texts which she has to reply to or something related to work on her first date.


6) The Freeze Moment
Stuttering or stammering for words…….. it happens to every girl on her first date when she has no reply for a certain question and just stares into blank space like an idiot. That’s a good start to even pretend to feel sick and switch to a next topic.


7) The Theater Drama
Not sure which movie she’s watching and forgets the scenes of the movie but definitely remembers every move he made during the entire movie. It’s dark and he doesn’t know but she’s watching him from the corner of her eye.


8) Observing and Analysing
Criticizing, judging, checking out, she’s doing it all at once without even him noticing. You’ve not done it yet? Try it, what’s gonna happen anyways by sincerely responding to what he’s saying or just looking around your date venue….. right girls?