What A Man Thinks About ‘Victoria’s Secret’

01. I Hope Nobody Sees Me Here!

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That’s what the first thing a ‘male’ would think when he gets dragged into the store because of his beloved. Obviously he wouldn’t want any of his friend to catch him with an awkward look! But unfortunately, the line could get even bigger!


02. I Shall Not Stare At Anything!

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But obviously he’ll end up looking like a total jerk in the store if he stares at anything for longer! Probably there are too many women who might start thinking ‘what are you staring for’?

03. Pink On Any Colour?

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Yes, the girls would know and are aware of ‘PINK’ written on any coloured t-shirts! But, this is something which guys would not understand! Like- Why the black colour tee has PINK written on it? WTF?

04. Why Everyone Buys It?

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Guys do give a thought on girls who are not even sexy for ‘sexy bikinis’ also end up buying it! Like what? It doesn’t even fit you!

05. Cost?

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You get one set for like $100? That’s why you know how do guys end up saving too much at the end of the month? You have your answer!


06. Payback Time!

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Guys do think that you should provide them with good drinks at some very good place! Where he’ll think ‘now the cost is equal’. And probably he needs you on his face when you both get home! Haha.

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