Did You Eat An Apple Today?

01. A Wider Smile:

Eating an apple provides healthier and strong teeth, so that means you need to say bye to your Dentist and smile wide and bright.

02. Watch Your Weight: 

If you seriously stick to ‘An Apple A Day Keeps Doctor Away’ then you never need to worry about your weight. Apple has ‘Pectin’ known to control weight as researched by Florida State University.

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03. Detoxification: 

Apple is your Liver’s best-friend. It helps in detoxifying and keeping your body free of toxins and waste.

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04. Alzheimer: 

You are already on your way in protecting yourself from Alzheimer’s. You no need to worry about it anymore.

05. Cancer Issues:

Now you won’t be tensed. Apple is full of antioxidants that helps battling against all sorts of cancer.

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06. Immune System:

An apple can make your immune system much stronger than it was before. As it is said to contain ‘Quercetin’ which helps in boosting more Oxygen to your Lungs while you exercise.

07. Happy Heart:

Want to beat cholesterol? You know the name of the fruit! It contains soluble fiber which reduces cholesterol levels in your blood. So no risk of any heart diseases.

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08. Digestion:

Suffer too much of constipation and diarrhea? You know which fruit will help you with that. Yes, an apple!

09. Cataracts:

Are you a bookworm? Have poor vision? And constantly fears cataract? Now you may not! Because apple will help you fight that too.

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10. Parkinson:

One of the most feared state. Parkinson’s can be prevented obviously. So, I believe eating an apple is a better option to save yourself from getting bed-ridden for your life.

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