Your Menstruation Says A Lot About Your Health!

01. Colour Does Matter!

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The colour of the blood indicates the Estrogen level in your body! If it’s dark, it means it’s high and if it’s light coloured then your Estrogen level is very low!

02. Did You Keep A Track Of Frequencies?

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The frequency does matter. If a month you notice a delay in your cycle, be worried it may be due to stress, and your body is overloaded.


03. You Always Have Light Flow?

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If you always notice a low or less flow, you are suffering from Iron, intake more and the flow will be like before.


04. Did Your Periods Suddenly Stop?

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If your periods stops suddenly, DO WORRY! You really need to pay at your daily nutrient intake and keeping your body fit and healthy.


05. Did You Bleed Even AFter Your Days?

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You probably must be on birth control pill, get in touch with your gynae.

06. Too Much Pain In Lower Abdomen?

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It’s not like you always experience a pain on your days! Nope, it’s not common at all! If you suffer from too much pain in lower abdomen, might be suffering from Endometriosis.

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